Canadian Beer Day

Did someone near you shout beer, eh? Well, people have enjoyed this beverage for over 5,000 years. Therefore, its popularity shouldn’t surprise you. 

In fact, it was brewed and sold on a domestic scale before the industrial revolution. On top of that, many considered it safer than water, which helped it grow in popularity all over Europe.

Since the settlers landed in Canada with beer, this beverage has become associated with the country’s identity. They even set a holiday to celebrate this humble beverage and the entire industry.

Beer’s ever-growing popularity has increased the number of brewers in the country. In fact, Canada is home to over 1,100 breweries with everything to offer beer lovers more reasons to celebrate.

Raise a glass on Canadian Beer Day; celebrate with pride.
Raise a glass on Canadian Beer Day; celebrate with pride.

What Is The Canadian Beer Day?

Canadian Beer Day is a day to celebrate the many Canadian beer styles. It’s also a day to celebrate the people who drink, serve, sell, and brew it.

On this day, Canadians can celebrate the beer industry and the evolution it has gone through over the years.

Therefore, you can celebrate this holiday with a beer at home. Alternatively, you can have it at a restaurant or your local bar. You can even visit a brewery and participate in their local celebration.

Remember, you’ll be celebrating a colossal industry that offers over 149,000 jobs in the country. From the farmer, trucker, packaging team, and retailer, the beer industry has changed many people’s lives.

When Do You Celebrate Beer Day in Canada?

Canadians celebrated the annual beer day in October. In 2022, the 4th annual beer day was on October 5. And all beer lovers can’t wait to do it again on October 4, 2023.

How To Celebrate Canadian Beer Day?

Canadian Beer Day is open to retailers, brewers, and beer lovers. Therefore, you can be part of the celebration by trying the following unique ideas.

Drinking Different Canadian Beers

One of the best ways to celebrate this local industry is by trying local beers. It doesn’t matter where you will be on that day; you can still celebrate. Treat yourself to some of the best Canadian beers, such as,

  • Moosehead lager
  • Molson Canadian
  • Great Western Pilsner

Attend The Local Canadian Beer Day Event

You can attend the special beer event in Ottawa, Canada, and celebrate the local beer. There, you will learn more about the beer industry and its growth. If that’s not possible to attend, then you can find a nearby beer-tasting event and have fun.

Organize A Canadian Beer Day Event

It might be the best time for brewers to organize a special day for the locals. You can even partner with other small brewers and organize an event for the public to teach them the history of Canadian beer.

History Of Canadian Beer Day

Beer is historically crucial to several European states and the nations linked to them, thanks to their unique brewing traditions. In fact, the locals believe that Canada became a beer-brewing nation centuries ago.

And that’s because grapes didn’t grow so well in the northern region. Therefore, the settlers switched to barley.

The first ever recorded history of beer brewing is from 1646. In fact, the Jesuit Brothers were the first beer brewers in what was known as New France. But by the 1980s, the number of regional brewers had grown to offer locals a wide range of choices.

To celebrate their rich history, the Canadians organized their first event in 2019. They hope to continue holding this event for many years to come.

The first Canadian Beer Day event was at a local brewery in Saskatoon. And the most recent one was in Ottawa.