Best Beer-Drinking Games & Beer Game Ideas

On their own, playing games and drinking beers are great weekend activities. But combined, they can elevate your weekend get-together with friends or party to another level. They can liven an almost-dead drinking party.

Therefore, check this list of beer game ideas you can add to your party activities.

Beer Pong

You might have played this classic game if you loved parties while in college. Beer Pong is a unique game for two or even more players. It is the simplest game to understand but the hardest to master, especially when you’re tipsy.

Beer pong has a simple setup which includes sets of 6 cups on either side arranged pyramid-style.

Once everything is ready, the opposing players can take turns tossing their ping-pong balls to every cup. The first team to clear the 6 cups wins the game. And you will have to drink when the ball falls on every cup.

Beer pong: the best beer-drinking game for endless fun.
Beer Pong: the best beer-drinking game for endless fun.

King’s Cup

If you’re hosting a small to medium group of friends, you should try the King’s Cup. It is a simple game that makes you feel like you’re in a casino. The rules vary with the group.

Everyone has to sit around a table with a mug of beer and some cards spiraling around it. The cards should touch each other, and the players must remove a card without breaking the chain. And the person who breaks the chain will have to drink the beer at the center of the table.

If the chain doesn’t break, the person who picks the King card must drink the beer. Each card has a dare. For instance, number 8 means mate, so when you pick this card, you’ll have to pick a drinking mate.

Drunk Artists

Generally, this game is a beer version of the popular Pictionary game. The rules of this game are very simple; basically, you need an artist and a timer. The timer will whisper a word to the artist, who will try to draw it.

The rest of the group will try to guess the word from the drawing. If they guess the word correctly, stop the timer, and divide the time taken by 20 to get the number of shots the artist will have to drink.

Flip Cup

If you’re looking for the most chaotic group game, you should try the flip cup. You have to split the group into two and have them line up on either side of your table. Give each a cup of beer, and then have them drink it and try to fly the cup to an upright position.

The first players have to flip their cups before the next person, and the first team to successfully flip their cups wins.

Do Or Drink Game

Another unique game designed for two players is the “do or drink game.” This game comes with black and white cards with instructions. You can split them into two and have the players pick the white card and do what it says.

If you pick a “draw” white card, you’ll switch to the black cards and continue doing what it says or drink. When you do what it says, you can keep the black card. And at the end of the game, the player with the most black cards wins.

Battle Shots

Generally, battle shots are a kid’s game, but when you replace the pegs with cups of beer, everything changes. You can arrange the beer cups on a large board and separate them with a huge board. And then, you can guess the exact position of your opponent’s ship.

If you guess correctly, your opponent will drink the beer on the spot. And if you don’t, the game continues. The loser always ends up drinking more beer.