Everything You Need To Know About The Craft Beer Competition

Discover all the essential information regarding the craft beer competition.
Discover all the essential information regarding the craft beer competition.

It’s a known fact that Canadians love drinking beer. In fact, the ever-increasing demand for beer has forced local brewers to up their game. It has seen manufacturers improve their brewing facilities. On top of that, it has also led to newer breweries setting up.

Some breweries have even introduced different beer styles to keep up with the growing competition. Others are doing everything humanly possible to improve their traditional Canadian beer styles.

And to celebrate the efforts of these independently operated breweries, the Canadian Craft Brewers Association launched a national beer competition. This association plans to promote the beer industry to the international level using this competition.

Who Will Be The Judges At The Competition?

This competition will feature international judges for the first time. Therefore, the 2023 competition will feature judges from the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.

These judges will join Stephen Beaumont, a renowned authority on Canadian beer. In fact, Beaumont will be in charge of creating the different beer style categories of this competition.

These international judges have played a significant role in promoting several international beer industries. And they plan on bringing global attention to the Canadian beer industry while introducing its excellence to the world.

Can Any Breweries Take Part In The Competition?

Yes, the Canada Beer Cup is an annual event open to every independent craft brewer. You can enter your unique beer style to win the prestigious trophy.

The competition will also serve as a platform for new breweries to learn from the top brands. In fact, it will be an excellent place for brewers to learn how to perfect their unique beer style and even market their beers.

So if you believe that your beer is the best in Canada, this is the best time to prove it.

The Cup

Like every international competition, the Craft Beer Tournament’s winner gets a prestigious trophy. Beers from different brewers can win the Canada Beer Cup.

As per the elite team of judges, the brewer with the most distinguishing beer will win the competition.

How Many Categories Will The Competition Have?

The international trend that reflects the customer’s taste and brewing innovations has influenced the competition. Therefore, the competition will feature about 70 unique beer styles in ten categories.

The competition recognizes the local brewing style to appreciate the Canadian spirit of crafting some of the world’s best beer.

As such, they’ve created a unique Canadian-style beer group for the locals. This group celebrates the brewing process, style, and ingredients reflecting the beauty of local craft brewing.

Can I Have More Than One Entry In The Competition?

If a brewer feels like their different beer styles can compete in the various categories, they can enrol them.

After all, the organizers have not set a maximum number of entries any brewer can have. But each beer can only feature in one style group.

When Will The Registration Process For The 2023 Competition Begin?

The Canadian Craft Beer Industry held its 2022 ceremony in late October. But they’re yet to set the registration date for the 2023 Canada Beer Cup competition.

So, this is the best time to prepare your beer styles for the coming competition. As you wait, look at the list of previous winners to see what they brought to the table. Also, check the rules. The registration process will start in early 2023.

Is The Competition Free?

No, brewers have to pay an entry fee for all the beer styles they want to include in the competition. Unfortunately, the entry fee is not yet out for the 2023 competition.